Improving your Quality of Living

Owning a home is about making an investment in yourself and your future. At Drake Quality Home Inspections, our goal is to help you protect this investment with high-quality residential inspections. We will use our experience to guide you through any possible issues or needed repairs, so you can get back to improving your quality of living!

Residential Home Inspections

A residential home inspection will help protect you from costly repairs and hidden safety hazards. We always conduct a thorough inspection and provide a non-biased report on the condition of the home, delivered to you before we leave your property. After the inspection we are always available to answer questions.

Areas Inspected: Exterior, Interior, Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural, Foundation, Attic, and More.

Additional Inspections: Water testing

In addition to my training, I’ve passed the National Home Inspector Examination®, which is the only independent, psychometrically-valid home inspector test in the country. I’m proud of this accomplishment and believe it’s another example of my extensive knowledge and skill in the home inspection field. The NHIE® tests a home inspector’s knowledge of conducting a thorough home inspection as well as tests our skills in client relations, communications and report writing.

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